Sunday, June 18, 2006

Groups ponder fate of bird with a fowl reputation

The purple swamphen looks positively chicken-esque as it stalks through the marsh: feathered, feckless and full of wide-eyed chicken innocence.

But is it fowl or foe?

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bird Note

In WA State, there is lots to keep a birder happy. One of them is listening to Bird Note on the local public radio station.

In the interest of sharing...guess what? You can listen to it as well! Bird Note runs it's own blog/website where you can listen to the recordings.

So treat yourself to sound bird calls.... Bird Note

Monday, May 29, 2006

Landscaping for Birds

Are you a gardener? I am, though I'll admit it seems that there is precious little time for it these days. Nevertheless, I do realize the importance of having the yard and garden as "bird friendly" as possible. Afterall, it means that I can enjoy another favorite hobby almost anytime...bird watching.

When you think about landscaping for birds or making your yard bird friendly, there are a few simple things to keep in mind.

  • Water - it's essential. Just like us..birds need water to.
  • Protection - feeding birds need places to retreat should you friendly cat visit the area
  • Diversity - of plants as well as feeders will go a long way toward attracting birds to your yard.
Visit Birding Mania for more tips on lanscaping for birds.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hummingbirds & Bird Houses

Spring comes a bit slow sometimes in this corner of the world. But it's finally here...and so are the hummingbirds and swallows.

It's a joy to watch the hummingbirds have their breakfast while I have mine. They definitely bring a smile to all who watch them.

I recently came across and article on hummingbird houses. I'd never even heard of them prior to this...and now I'm jazzed to wonder if one would work in my yard.

See what you think....Hummingbird Houses.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

500 Million Birds!

Wouldn't you love to be a part of this? I know I would.

"Each year, some 500 million birds visit Israel's Hula Valley, a migratory crossroads where Europe, Asia and Africa meet. On November 5-11, 2006, thousands of serious ornithologists, weekend bird- watchers, and people of all ages from around the world who simply enjoy seeing Mother Nature at her best will also flock to the region - for the first annual Hula Valley Bird Festival in Israel."

For more information visit

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Spotting a Rare Bird

What birding maniac would not love to spot a rare bird? Here's one that did:


Rare bird spotted in Bismarck back yard
Allen Nass was hoping to get more photographs of a Harris's sparrow Saturday when another bird, one he didn't recognize, showed up in his back yard.

He thought it was some kind of finch at first because of the red on it. Then he wondered if it was a woodpecker. Then he did what he always strives to do in such situations.

"Take pictures and ask questions later," he said Tuesday.

What Nass photographed in his yard about eight miles east of Bismarck was a European goldfinch.

Want to read the rest of the article?

Monday, April 24, 2006

Shorebirds - where are you?

As I posted previously, our annual Shorebird festival is this weekend. I was out there this morning (excellent spring weather!) to do a bit of birdwatching. Usually, it's very quite and at most see just one or two other people. Today...there was not even any parking!

It's about a mile or so out to the platforms from the parking area. It was a warm and beautiful morning right at high tide (important to see the shorebirds in concentrations). As we got further out, I kept saying..."where are the birds?".

Apparently the counts are quite a bit lower this year. Don't know why. I for one am hoping they are just getting a late start in migrating.